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Since day one at Rarebird, we've operated on the notion that there are two types of people in this world: those who accept life as it is, and those who work to make a better tomorrow. We're the latter. And we're for those who share our optimism about the future.

Fueled by the optimism that we can create a better future, we formulated an improved coffee ritual to empower people to seize the day, embrace their passions, and achieve improved wellness.

Routines drag you down – rituals lift you up.

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I was in my late twenties when I realized that traditional coffee wasn’t working for me any more. The morning cup that used to help me get ahead was now leaving me behind. Anxiety and jitteriness became the new normal. The problem wasn't actually coffee, or even caffeine; the problem was partially me – I'm genetically predisposed to be caffeine sensitive – but also my life had become really, really stressful and I wasn't taking care of my own mental health. Caffeine was just a magnifying lens for my stress.
I tried all the coffee alternatives out there, but let’s be honest, anything without caffeine doesn’t work and I love the ritual of brewing a cup first thing in the morning. So rather than try and beat coffee I decided to reimagine what it could be. That idea led me to the world's first true caffeine alternative, paraxanthine (Px), and to think of coffee as the ultimate mental wellness drink, not just a cup of joe.Jeffrey Dietrich, PhDFounder and CEO

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